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Piggy Math

Tap here to email friends about this game Description Your child can build the fundamentals of Kindergarten math with this fun, interactive Piggy Bank game! Help Pi the Pig collect stars and catch coins in his basket while learning to count, skip count, add and subtract. Laugh and learn along with Pi on his math …
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Why Homeschool?

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, 1.5 million K-12 students were homeschooled in 2007. That is a 36% increase in just last 4 years! This is clearly a growing trend, and it is important to understand the reasons behind it. According to the same report, 88% of those parents homeschooled their children for concerns …

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A parent’s opinion #2

Note: The following is a post sent to us by a mother who has been trying MathZee games with her daughter. We put customers’ posts on our blog without any modification. Any opinion here is not necessarily ours. If you also want to send us a blog post, please send it by email to …

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Is Online learning effective?

Many parents ask us if education through online means can be truly effective. Online education is still a fairly new phenomenon. So, such questions are understandable. And considering our bias in this matter , instead of answering the questions ourselves, we decided to get the answers from a US Department of Education report called, “Evaluation …

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Pre-K math helps kids excel

A new report released by Wheelock College’s Aspire Institute says that students will have more success in math and science if they are exposed to the subjects as early as pre-kindergarten. The report came from a study with the help of Boston area colleges and community groups. We at MathZee completely agree with the analysis. …

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